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In memory of my beloved cat Silvia.  I am going to miss her so much.

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The first day I saw her, she was sitting on a chair on my porch.  I got out of my car after a day of work and started walking toward my porch.  I saw her and she saw me.  She stood and froze not knowing if to run or stay in her chair.  I looked at her and said. "you can sit there.  I do not sit in that chair".  To my amazement, she just laid back down on the chair.  The chair was only a foot from the door, and I just walked right by her and went in.  A day or 2 later, after getting home from work, I got out of my car and Silvia came running up the sidewalk toward me.  I thought that was odd.  I looked at her and she looked hungry, so I got her what I had.  Ham and cheese in the refrigerator.  I then got on FaceBook and tried to find a home for her since I was very allergic to cats.  Once I told somebody that I gave her some food, they said she is your cat now.  This is the first picture of Silvia that I took.  She is sitting on my neighbors porch.  I almost named her laser.

Picture of Silvia eating.  As you can see by the other paper plates, this was not her first meal here.  She had a big appetite.


Silvia liked me so much, she brought me something to eat every so often.  She was very thoughtful and proud of her catch.

It took a long time to get Silvia to come into the house.  She liked to sleep on my porch chair, so I would put a towel down for her to sleep on.  At night, if it was cold, I would cover her with a wash cloths to keep her warm.


It took a long time to get her to come into the house, but when she did, she seemed to adjust quite nicely.


That was how Silvia adopted me and became my best friend.  The rest is just allot of pictures of me and her enjoying our lives together.


She liked to sit on my desk when I was on my computer, probably posting more pictures of her. She even ate her holiday meals there.


My sister got her this to lay on, so she would not have to sleep on the cold hard desk.  She loved it.

I do not know how old Silvia was when I first saw her, but we had 6 beautiful years together that I will never forget.  She was a once in a lifetime friend.

Born ?  - 9/6/2019








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