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Computer Learning


Retired  as of 7/31/2019

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Thompson Institute
Thompson Institute
Thomson Institute
Honor Roll

High School


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Microsoft Level II Site Builder
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Bruce's Resume DOC

Bruce's Resume PDF


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PA State Civil Service Scores
  Bruce on The Weather Channel Friday September 11th 2015 FieldPro program participants  12/23/2015
Bruce on the Weather Channel

Friday 9/11 2015

Bruce's Weather Station Page

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Computer operator for Pennsylvania State Agencies
Data Powerhouse Project

1 The Beginning of PA Data Powerhouse

2 Contracts for PA Data Powerhouse

3 Services of PA Data Powerhouse

PA Criminal History 12/2014.pdf


Christmas Bruce & Terry relaxing (35299 bytes) Bruce his grandmother and sister Sharon communicating about a can of Whoop something or other (28316 bytes) One of Bruce's bands he played in (211907 bytes)
John S. Valent in the Navy (149910 bytes)

More John S. Valent

Bruce at the Governors Mansion (12400 bytes) John S. Valent in the PA State Police (97372 bytes)

More John S. Valent




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