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My favorite
Midi Tunes


Miscellanies Happy Birthday Song for Everyone ?
Happy Birthday



Click here to here a crazy man call a computer helpline !   May not be appropriate for youngsters ?
Helpdesk Problems

Jasmine Winters 
"Frog Hollow"

Click here for some great TOOTER recipes
Tooter Recipes

Some of Bart Simpson's chalkboard writings

A true 911 call.  You will probably have to listen to it a few times to here all of it.  Big laughs !
911 Call

Recalled Dildo

Christmas Vacation

Astrological Projection or something like that

My Favorite Photo Albums


Trivial pursuit 

Spring Concert Choir

Spring Concert Band


Get the full effect View the entire presentation.

Bruce   Simpsonized


Please Move The
 Deer Crossing Signs


Frappuccino Recipe






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